Is Search Engine Submission Mandatory?

It’s a must for all website owners to have their website listed in Google’s web search results.

Why Google?

Most webmasters would already be satisfied once their website is Google listed, since Google is one of the most visited search engines, with millions of page views per month. Having your website listed in Google enables your site to be in a position for maximum internet exposure. And with proper search engine optimization your site is bound to get the targeted audience that your desire.

How Long Does It Take?

However, when you submit your page to Google, it could take 2 months before the googlebot reaches you.

Millions of websites are submitted every single day, so you need a good start. Instead of waiting months, get your site listed in a few days. After that, you can use a search engine optimization book or service to get higher rankings.

How often should I submit my site to a search engine to get results?

Many webmasters and eBusiness owners set up a regular schedule of repeated submissions and are baffled when, after six months or more, they learn that their site was actually indexed but their rankings and traffic remain stagnant.

Google Advises

“We do not require submission nor do we penalize sites for over-submission. You are free to submit as often as you wish. However, given the nature of our inclusion process, your time is better spent improving the content and links of your site.

How can I rank my website on Google?

Optimize your site properly and the engines will rank you well.

What grabs the robots’ attention and gives your online business a competitive edge over the 500,000 or so other web pages competing for the top ten spots is smart optimization.

What is Smart Optimization?

It’s a process that involves many interrelated steps, from determining the best keywords and adding them in sufficient amounts in the right places, to soliciting incoming links to your site.

Free SEO Analysis

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